From inspired chefs comes a spread of culinary bliss. With a checklist of our patrons’ varying appetites and time constraints, we have crafted a menu fitting to all. We offer Special and Set Lunches, Petite Plates, elaborate Grills and Steaks, and of course our signature Baby Back Ribs – which announces its entrance with an alluring entourage of aroma.


A bond of meals connected with varied grills from inspired chefs.

And nothing beats the flavours right off Wallich’s Grill. Our raved about BBQ Glazed Ribs will surely invigorate your taste buds with an outpour to be savoured.

We also speak VEGETARIAN!
Almost everything in our menu can be prepared without meat, topped off with other vegetarian ingredients.




Someone once said: “A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.

That someone needs to visit our bar. With an extensive drinks menu, our inventory is anything but “limited”.