About Us

Our tribute to Nathaniel Wallich:
The esteemed Danish surgeon, and famed botanist.

The Wallich – a bar, lounge, and restaurant – reminisces an older Singapore.
In a world of corporate agendas and smart-phone relations, we present a breath of nostalgia.

Emerging from what was formerly known as Mount Wallich – a dedication to Nathaniel Wallich, the father of Singapore’s Botanical Gardens – the restaurant provides a path for reveries, and a field for conversations.

In 1822, the Danish doctor homed himself along what is known today as, Anson Road. While keeping the company of Sir Stamford Raffles, and growing his passion for botany, he penned a description of our land:

“(Singapore) abounds in an endless variety of plants equally interesting to the botanist, the agriculturist and the gardener, with unrivalled facilities and opportunities of disseminating these treasures and exchanging them for others.”

And now, almost 2 centuries later, we have tailored our Wallich – an entity that embodies a rich and multicultural background. Delicately designed to capture the spirit of progress, our bar sprawls with distillery pipes, while the lounge calls with seductive musings.

With a varied food menu of Nibbles for Now and main courses, the belly is sure to be warmly embraced. As for beverages, whiskey enthusiasts will be led through travels of single malts and blends from around the globe. And dear wine lovers, worry not, our wide selection of premium wines will surely tickle your fancy.

The Wallich experience is one that morphs between modern and colonial – connecting with the present community, while providing ample illumination of the journey that we have taken to arrive here. 

So allow our gentle entrance to escort you away from the hasty central business district, and into a timeless passage of moments.